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Why GDA On-Line?

GDA On-Line recognizes that your career in sales, sales support and sales management can be successful if you are constantly provided with opportunities to learn to hone your skills.

GDA On-Line provides you with choices for growing our sales and management skills. You have access to any one or any combination you choose of the following training tools: The three-minute Sales Bites videos, Tapestry sales training webinars, Tapestry forum and downloadable guides, SCORM compliant online sales and management training courses, and GDA On-Line blended learning offerings

You can access our training tools any time, day or night, that is convenient for you. Our GDA On-Line courses are presented modules that make it easy for you to learn comprehensive selling and management techniques in bite-sized chunks. Need to take a break from your learning? Your place in the course is automatically bookmarked for your return.

GDA On-Line courses are content rich with videos, examples and quizzes. You'll grow your skills because you'll understand not only what to do, but also HOW to do it!

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