3002 Selling Upgrades

3002 Selling Upgrades

Online Course

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Add Value as you Increase Sales

As your customers get use to the products they bought from you, they learn to want more—faster, broader, better. That’s also the good news. No matter what you sold them, sooner or later they want to make it better. And better will always mean more products and services from you. But only if you remember to ask!

Your customers love what they bought from you…
but only for a moment.  Initially it was better
than anything they had ever had before. Now,
your products and services have become their
new standard. And that’s the problem.
As the new standard, now they are….well, standard.


In the Selling Upgrades Online training from GDA On-Line, LLC, you will identify and document the incremental pipeline of opportunity that is associated with your existing customers… people who already like you. You have relationships with them. They are using your products, but you haven’t connected with them to discover what new needs, features, tools, replacements, attachments, and enhancements they now need and want.



Even better, through Selling Upgrades, you will learn and practice the two sales calls that you need to discover their upgrade needs and close them… all at your own initiation



The Selling Upgrades online course helps you...


  • Identify Upgrades potential in your accounts

  • Quantify the potential and increase your pipeline by 5X

  • Learn and practice the two sales calls you’ll need to validate and close incremental business

  • Close incremental business immediately


Course details:

  • Number of modules:   5
  • Course length: 2.5 hours
  • Certificate: Yes



Self Paced eLearning


Call us at 800-966-4321 or email us at Admin@Growthdevelopment.com with any questions or comments.  Our team is looking forward to working with you.  Below are some of the typical questions we get.

Q:  How long does each module take?

The time varies by person, but a good guideline is 20 minutes for each module.

Q:  What if I don't have time to complete the entire module?

Not a problem!  The system remembers where you are in the course when you leave. When you return to the module, you have the option of resuming from that place or starting at the beginning.

Q:  Will it remember where I left off?

Yes, the system remembers where you were in the course when you left.

Q:  Does it include audio?

Yes, you have the instructor's voice guiding you and explaining techniques as you move through the course, along with music at various intervals throughout the course.

Q:  Does it include video?

Yes, there are animations and video clips in each course.

Q:  Can I retake the quiz if needed?

Yes, you may retake quizzes as many times as you like.  The final exam can only be taken twice.


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