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From the comfort of your home, office or anywhere, you can acquire knowledge and practices that will change your results in sales and customer service forever. Training worth thousands of dollars from highly acclaimed expert instructors is value priced to fit almost every budget. Results acquired through Tapestry webinars and tools will pay for this training in no time and many times over.
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RT 4100 Presenting Solutions Month

In these four webinars, you'll learn the techniques that will give you the edge when you present your products and services to your customer.  

  • Solutions, Not Product Pitches recorded webinar
  • Interactive Presentations recorded webinar
  • Same Product, Different Presentation recorded webinar
  • Presentation Demonstrations recorded webinar
RT 5020 Managing Your Pipeline Month

This series of four webinars will help you shorten your sales cycle, manage your pipeline and accelerate your sales.

  • Shorten Your Sales Cycle 
  • Qualify, Qualify, Qualify 
  • Managing Your Pipeline 
  • Accelerate Your Pipeline Demonstrations 
RT 4080 Handling Objections Month

Learn effective objection handling techniques in these four webinars:

  • Questioning to Handle Objections
  • Objections: Get on the Client's Side
  • Handle Objections With Empathy
  • Objections Demonstrations
RT 4050 Customer Relationships Month

Learn how to build successful customer relationships by attending all four webinars at your convenience.

Credibility from Business Rapport

Power Rapport - The Personal Relationship

Expanding Your Base in the Account

Power Relations Demonstrations

RT 4060 Understanding Customer Needs Month

There are ways to uncover your customer's needs that will solidify your relationship with them. 

  • The Magic Question: Better than Pain webinar
  • The White Board for Power Discussions webinar
  • The Powerful Summary of Needs webinar
  • Questioning Demonstrations webinar
RT 4101 Solutions, Not Product Pitches Even if you can present without notes, do perfect live demonstrations, and wow any audience. Even if your close rate is right with the company’s historical average. But who wants to be average, when you can set the bar for great?

Solutions, not Product Pitches recorded webinar 

RT 4070 Selling Value Month

Four webinars that will provide you with the skills to win without discounting, to help your customers find the hidden budget for your products and services, to help your customer create urgency for your solution, and to help you hone your skills in quantifying the benefits of your offerings.

  • Win Without Discounting
  • Finding the Hidden Budget Pool
  • Creating Urgency from the Customer
  • Differentiation Demonstrations
RT 4043 Creating Meeting Urgency Webinar

How often are your scheduled customer appointments moved, delayed, or even cancelled?  In this webinar you’ll learn about a powerful tool that will create an urgent need for your customer to meet with you.

Creating Meeting Urgency Webinar

RT 4073 Creating Urgency from the Customer Learn how to create urgency from your customer.

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Tapestry: Sales Immersion

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